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Ohio License Lookup

If you want to start a new career, the Ohio license lookup can help. This Ohio license lookup includes the state’s top careers and licensing requirements. Look through the listing, find a career, and meet the requirements. Then, you can apply for your license and come to work in your field of choice.

Ohio Business License

Ohio does not issue a general business license. Instead, you must register and obtain a license from the proper agency or department. The Ohio Secretary of State website provides information on licenses for different businesses. Follow the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of State to obtain your business license.

Ohio Contractor License

Ohio issues contractor licenses to those working in the electrical, HVAC, hydronic, plumbing, and refrigeration trades. You must be at least 18 years old before applying. You also need to have at least five years of experience as a tradesperson in that field or be a registered engineer in Ohio with a minimum of three years of experience in the construction industry-specific to the specialty. If you have other work experience you think might be acceptable, you’ll need to contact the state board. It approves experience on a case-by-case basis. You have to pass an exam in your desired trade and get at least $500,000 in contractor liability coverage. The state also requires that you pass a background check. You can then complete and submit your application to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Ohio Dental License

If you want to become a dentist, start by graduating from an accredited dental college. You also must be at least 18 years of age and of good moral character. Upon graduation, you need to pass the National Board of Dental Examiners exam and the state dental board’s jurisprudence exam. You can then apply through the Ohio State Dental Board.

Ohio Educator License

You can start down the path to becoming a teacher by completing a board-approved teacher preparation program. Your program will include coursework related to your desired specialty, and upon completion, you will hold a bachelor’s degree. Most specialties also require at least 12 weeks of student teaching. This will be part of your teacher preparation program. Then, you need to take and pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators. Depending on your specialty, you also might have to take the Praxis subject assessments. Once you pass the tests, you’ll need to submit your fingerprints and pass federal and state background checks. You can then apply online through the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

Ohio Insurance License

If you want to get an insurance license in Ohio, you must first complete the pre-licensing education requirements. You need to take 20 hours each in:

  • Life
  • Accident and Health
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Personal Lines

You can take these courses in the classroom or online or opt to self-study. If you choose to take online classes or self-study, you will need to pass a certification exam.

Regardless of how you complete your pre-licensing education, you will need to pass the state licensing exam by scoring at least 70 percent. You must also submit your fingerprints and pass a background check. Then, you can apply for your license through the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Ohio Medical License

Before you can obtain a medical license, you must earn a degree from an accredited medical or osteopathic medical school. Then, you need to complete a full year of post-graduate training and pass the USMLE or COMLEX-USA. Upon completion, you need to pass an Ohio BCI and FBI background check. Have the results sent to the State Medical Board of Ohio. Then, you can complete and submit your application via the state’s eLicense website.

Ohio Nursing License

If you want to become an LPN or RN in Ohio, begin by graduating from a board-approved nursing education program. You must submit your fingerprints to undergo a background check. Then, take and pass the NCLEX. Then, you can apply via the state’s eLicense website.

You can also get an APRN license in Ohio. First, you must hold an RN license. Then, you must graduate from a board-approved master’s or doctorate of nursing program.  You have to obtain your national certification by passing the exam for your specialty of choice. Then, you can use the eLicense website to apply online.

Ohio Real Estate Agent License

You must have a high school diploma or GED to get a real estate license in Ohio. The state also requires that you complete 120 hours of pre-licensing education. This includes 40 hours each in Real Estate Principles and Practices and Ohio Real Estate Law. You also must take 20 hours each in Real Estate Appraisal and Real Estate Finance.

After you complete your education, you need to find a broker to sponsor you. Then, you need to fill out and submit the Salesperson Examination Application to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing. You also must include proof that you completed the pre-licensing education. The division will send you information for taking your test. You will then take the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson Exam and submit your fingerprints. If you earn at least 70 percent on the exam and pass your background check, the division will issue your license.

Ohio Social Worker License

You need to earn a bachelor’s master’s, or doctorate in social work to become a social worker in Ohio. In the past, the state accepted degrees in other fields, but that is no longer the case. You can begin the process for licensure when you are in your final semester. Apply for your license on the state’s eLicense website.

When you apply, you will request to take the licensure exam. You will take the bachelor’s exam if you’re working toward your bachelors’ degree, while you’ll need to take the master’s exam if you’re earning a master’s degree. The Association of Social Works Board will contact you with exam information. Then, you can register for your exam with the Pearson Testing Center. Take and pass the exam and then complete your FBI and BCI background check. Contact your school and have it submit your transcripts to the board. You can then monitor the status of your application on the eLicense website.

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